About Us

About us

Our company “Ibertranslogics” Ltd. is a transporting and dispatching organization which makes various types of cargo transportation by land, sea, railway and air almost from all over the world, as whole cargos as well as groupage (small-scaled) ones. The mentioned company has professional staff that will ensure the correct planning of your cargo transportation and reliable transporting.

We have a possibility to offer you the in-country (Poti-Tbilisi container and Batumi-Tbilisi container transportation) and international transportation on the condition and prices acceptable for you.

Often we have special prices within which we are able to offer you the lowest prices on transportation from different countries as well as on transportation from Georgia to different countries.

We have a possibility to pick your cargo directly from the warehouse of the shipping party and prepare all shipment documents, as well as to make customs clearance of the above mentioned cargo in Georgia and to deliver it to your warehouse, or in customs’ warehouse at your convenience; we can offer to make customs clearance of specific quantity of the cargo if necessary. In case of export or re-export we can load your cargo and make customs clearance of it by ourselves and deliver it to the indicated country.

If you already have chosen a transporting company providing you with your cargo transportation, we would like to advise you to check the transportation prices at our company and after that, let’s plan your trade operation (it may often happen that we have special price exactly on your shipment/transportation and offer you the lowest price).

Through our company you will have an opportunity to insure your cargo at the insurance company you relay on most.

We assure you that collaboration with us is a guarantee for your success.


P.S. In order to calculate the exact price we need to know the location of the cargo to be shipped/delivered, date of loading, cargo weight, cargo volume, cargo name, shipment conditions (EXW, FCA, FOB, etc.), in case of perishable cargo we need to know the temperature at which the cargo should be transported, and in case of oversized cargo – the cargo design (indicating the exact dimensions).

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